Monday, July 11, 2011


Before we went out to Michigan, I was telling everyone I wanted a job for Marcus RIGHT. HERE.  I wanted to stay right here for so many reasons.  We went to Michigan, and I didn't want to leave.  I was ready to settle down RIGHT. THERE.  After only a few days back, I'm wanting a job RIGHT. HERE. again.  I guess that's what happens when you are surrounded by fantastic people everywhere you go.  Honestly.  Michigan is great and I'd be happy to live there, other than the fact that Marcus' family wouldn't be there.  And I'd love to live in California, other than the fact that my family wouldn't be there.  We'll probably end up in Iowa or something crazy like that...but for now, this is home.  It really is.  It only took me a couple days to get over my sadness of leaving "home" and feel like I'm really home.  While I was in Michigan, I referred to California as "home" and it's simply because it is.  It has been for the past, almost, 2 years.  A lot of my family is here.  I feel connected to not only my friends and family, but to the actual community.  That's something, ya know?

My friend posted this the other day and it just reconfirmed that I'm home.  Thanks Annie.  I tailored a few of these to our situation, but this definitely rang true for me. 

Home is ...

where you know where the cops hide on the highway and try to catch speeders.

where you know which checker at your grocery store gives your kids stickers and is fast.

where you know your favorite radio station without the preset dial.

where you know which roads are shortcuts.

where you know where the best and secret parking spots are.

where when you haven't been to a particular grocery store in a while, the checker says "Hey.  How you been?!  Where's the little ones?"  

where you can go out to eat and order without seeing the menu.

where you start imagining buying a house around the corner, even if it will cost 1/2 million, and you think that's a steal!

where you start checking our public and charter schools in the area

where you know what time to go to what store to get in and out the fastest.

where friends become family, and family become friends.

where you will cry if you have to one day say goodbye.

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Laura said...

Love the post! I was just feeling that way about this city we just moved to! :)


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