Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Grammy's Camera

I helped Peggy download some pictures the other day and I found some goodies.  I think it's so fun to find pictures that you didn't even know you had.  I should do that more often.  So, here's about a 2 year recap of our lives from Peggy's camera.

Oh my goodness, look at Callie!  And Sammy, well, she wasn't too happy.  But Callie sure is adorable.   Here's our annual apple turkey on Thanksgiving.

mmmm Thanksgiving.  Sammy is pretty stuffed.

And Colin is stunned.

Papa Bud and Granny

Playing with the cousins

Little Natey Nate is born.

The Brothers Green.

Big smile

You think Callie may be excited?  And Nathaniel scared?  hmm

Getting our Christmas tree...and I didn't spill something all over my shirt...I'm almost positive that's a shadow.  Seriously people.  Trust me on that one.

Nate's the perfect toy for Callie.

Christmas jammie jams.

Oh, I loved Sammy's jammies this year.  One piece.  Polka dots.  So cute.

Sammy loves listening to Bryan play the guitar and being held by Colin.  (Even when they have transformed into red-eyed zombies.  Bryan is hungrily looking at her...be afraid.)

Happy Birthday Callie McCallister.  I love those cheeks full of air!

Happy Birthday Papa Bud.  His pre-blowing candles doesn't look at enthusiastic, but believe me, he's one spunky guy.

Wow.  Look at that good looking group.  

Playing in the rain.

4th of July?  Probably.

We have better Halloween pictures, but this makes me laugh!

And so does this one.  Come on He-Man.  Look fierce!

And we're back to Thanksgiving...and me as a brunette.  Lookin' good Bryan.

Aw.  Still smiling after all these years ;)  Isn't my mother-in-law beautiful?

Christmas!  We love Christmas!

Callie loves the Carruths.  Glad they live close by and we get to see them often.

Grandpa workin' the Elf hat.

Thanks Santa.  This year I got a part of the Dickens collection.  I'm excited about that.  As a side note...there's Bryan again, making an awesome face.  And Callie, instead of going with it, kept asking, "Why is Colin dressed up as Santa?"  She's a clever one.

Sammy, let's cut those bangs, and tr a smile.  Bryan!  haha  Every picture I have of you is like this!  It's starting to crack me up!

Uncle Chris.  Callie talks about him ALL the TIME!  Sorry all, but he's definitely the cool uncle in her book.

The Green Crew

LOL  (I'm really laughing here guys)  Colin looks happily possessed, and Sammy looks like she's about to really bite into someone!  Those eyes and rosy lips.  She's lookin' for blood.  

Who knew a ball would bring such joy?

Happy Valentine's Day 2012

And Happy Easter 2012

And Happy 2nd Birthday to Nate.
We were so happy to celebrate this birthday this year!
We love you Naters.

And, that's it from Grammy's camera.

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Melanie said...

Those are some great pictures! Fun times of a great family. :)


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