Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Can Too!

Marcus and I have some really cool friends.  I don't use that word "cool" lightly either.  I'm talkin' Criss-Cross-will-make-you-wanna-jump-jump cool.  It's impressive.

Erika is one of those Criss-Cross cool friends.  We met her at BYU.  And Mark Zuckerberg keeps our love  with Erika alive.  After graduating, Erika taught through Teach for America ~ cool, got a Masters Degree ~ cooler, and is now working in Haiti to help the Haitians get the mental health care that they  need ~ coolest.  BOOM!!!

Another really cool friend we have is our daughter, Callie.  We met her when she was days old.  And now, daily life strengthens our thick bond of love.  She reads ~ cool, swims and plays soccer ~ cooler, and can clean the toilets like a champ ~ coolest!
What's up now?!

So, this is how Erika and Callie are now connected.

Erika is trying to raise $10,000 to provide a safe, clean, secure counseling center.  This is their current counseling rented room.

No electricity, no running water, no protection from heat or rain, and no real privacy.  Not an ideal counseling center.
The other day, Callie saw a picture of Erika on Facebook.  I told her how I knew Erika.  Then, I told her what she was currently doing in Haiti.  We looked at pictures like these:

Guess where Callie wants to go now?!  Haiti.  She thinks this place is the best place on earth!  Then I showed her the other side of Haiti...the side that people don't like to think about when they go there on a family vacation to "get away" from the stresses of life.

Callie couldn't believe what she saw.  The stark contrast was completely shocking to her innocent eyes.  She honestly did not believe that the pictures were real.  We talked about these pictures, guessed what may have happened, how the people must feel, etc.  We talked about how much we if we need anything, we can pretty much get it.  Our "difficult" isn't like this at all.

And I told her again about Erika.

So, Callie is taking action.  And we invite you all to join with us.  Callie is doing extra chores around the house.  She is walking a friend's dog once a week.  She's trying to raise money to donate to Erika's project.  I love her desire to help.  She is always asking what she can do to earn money.  We don't have a lot of extra money I'm not paying her too much.  But, she's earning money.  And it's become personal to her.  And I love that.

Go here to find out more and to donate.

And think about using this as an opportunity for your own kids.  Maybe they can earn an extra $10+ to donate to such a great cause.  It could change your child's life...but will most certainly change many lives in Haiti.

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