Thursday, February 6, 2014

Miss Delacourt Has Her Day by Heidi Ashworth

What a fun read.  Miss Delacourt Has Her Day is the second in the Miss Delacourt series...the first being Miss Delacourt Speaks Her Mind.  

The Miss Delacourt books are pure enjoyment.  And I love that.  I have found that most of what I read these days are non-fiction books, or books where I'm constantly thinking of the symbolism, themes, etc.  Those books are fabulous and I love it.  But I have also found that those books take longer to read...and afterward, I need a break.  Instead of watching a bunch of tv to unwind, I decided I wanted my escape to be books again.  Enjoyment.  Fun.  Turn off my brain and love a different world for a few moments.

Miss Delacourt Has Her Day did that for me.  Surely there is symbolism and other literary elements in the writing.  Of course.  Simply, I appreciated how I felt whisked away into this other world that I know nothing about...the regency romance world...and for a couple hundred pages, I get to revel in chivalry, lace, etiquette, wealthy snobbery, and the charming heroine that breaks the mold.  Obviously the author has done her research about that time.  Descriptions of clothing and attitudes of the time were helpful and never overbearing.

I want to read more books like this...books that make me feel good and happy after I've turned that last page.

Bravo Mrs. Ashworth.  You did it again.

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