Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It'll Happen

So, ok, maybe it'll happen one day. Just maybe. Maybe we'll get a phone call telling us that we've been approved for adoption and that there's a baby for us. This just may happen. I called our caseworker today -- Heather Mahoney at LDS Family Services in San Jose, CA if any of you are dying to know because you HAVE to call her because there's a baby waiting for us -- to ask about the paperwork that is missing of mine. She said they are calling Sacramento to find out more information because they sent it all in together, so they're confused why they hadn't heard back. She said, "Unless your case is just somehow cursed to never get approved." I love you Heather, but that's not funny. grrr I then asked her what would happen if, say, someone found out about us from a friend of a friend, or whatever, but we weren't approved. She said that the baby would just be placed in an approved home until the background check came in. She's currently doing that for another couple. Even though nothing's really happening for us (it seems), I felt a lot of peace talking to her today.

My point is, I'm hopeful...and after being kind of sad...I was able to think a lot about Callie -- how she so perfectly came to us. God was so involved in her placement into our family. And, there's no question that that same thing is happening now. It may feel like things are taking forever or that things aren't working as WE planned (isn't that always the case?), but I believe that it's working out exactly how Heavenly Father has planned it. I have faith in that...I have faith in Him.

So, yes, it'll happen one day -- when our baby and his birth family have been prepared to connect with an addition their new family: the Marcus, Jenny, Samantha, and Callie Greens.


The Nelsons said...

So are you only asking for a boy?

Jenny said...

yeah, i just saw that I used a masculine pronoun. that wasn't intended. we didn't put down a preference. i would be completely happy with a girl -- but i used to have dreams about a little black boy. not sure if he's coming now or later -- or ever. we'll see.

Shian said...

We had a similar problem with our homestudy. We had to have people redo referral letters, etc. It took much longer to get approved than planned, but I kept reassuring myself that the Lord wouldn't let us miss our baby due to lost paperwork. He will make sure all is in order when the time comes.

JAZKK Low said...

you got it! when it happens you will look back and say "oh, that was perfect" perfect timing, place...God knows it. Keep on keeping on and keep on trusting in him. Man it's hard to be patient sometimes though! :)


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