Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fort Wayne, IN

Shortly after we arrived in Michigan, the four of us took a mini road trip to go visit some good friends of ours -- the Allens. They are great for many reasons.

They let us show up on a few days notice.
They've always been naturally comfortable for us to be around (if that makes sense).
We can talk for hours and hours and hours -- and too often do/did.
We were neighbors for a couple years, Samantha's beginning years, and they were a huge support to us during that time.
They're cute people with cute kids.
They are generous and kind.
Jeff did our family pictures while we were in Utah -- hello GREAT -- and captured one of my all time favorite pictures of me holding Samantha. Very candid. Very beautiful.
MaryIrene was always just a few steps away and would frequently dropped everything to help me out.
We laugh a lot.
They are strong, faithful, fun, extremely talented, and plain wonderful people.

It was fun to reconnect after a couple years, and it really didn't feel like it had been that long. I have decided that I believe that is the test of true friendship...when you can be any distance away, not talk for awhile, but when you reconnect, it's as if you were where you were the last time you were together. (Woa, say that last clause 10 times as fast as you can! It's a doozey.)

Playing on the Allen's "playground" as Callie calls any swingset.
Elliot, Sam, MaryIrene, Sammy, Callie

Love this picture (other than me really needing to redo Callie's hair)!

The Allen's moved shortly after I came back to Utah with Callie. Had they been in Utah that last year, they would have been best buds, I can tell.

Waiting for our food at O'something. It was a great restaurant, but seeing that I don't remember the name, I guess I won't be frequenting it again any time soon. Kids eat free!

At a real park this time. This was a pretty fun swing. The way it was cut out from a tire made it easy for Sammy to sit in. I think this was her first swing ride not in an infant swing. It was pretty cute.

Some handicap-friendly parks have these kinds of swings. They really are nice for Sammy. It really makes a huge difference using these swings and the infant ones. It gets really hard the longer she gets to get her in those infant swings. So, these help with that a, it's just age appropriate and that's always appreciated.

Awww. Elliot and Callie would have been best buds too -- or at least Callie would have thought so.

Isn't she cute?

Elliot took this picture for us. Elliot, the six year old.
Thanks guys! It was a fun trip. Hope to see you again in another 2 years!


Heather said...

was it O'Charley's? How fun to go visit, it looks like you guys had a great visit! I think great friends are great!

Jenny said...

yeah! i think it was O'Charley's. it was really good!

maryirene said...

it was such a fabulous weekend!!! thank you for coming!

Rob and Marseille said...

Jealous!! We need to have a 59th ward reunion-sometime when EVERYONE can come.

rachel said...

How fun that you got to go visit! It looks like you had a great time!


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