Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Excuse You...

Yes, I had to put Callie in time out yesterday for burping. Now, normally, a burp is a burp. Ok, no problem. Say "excuse me" and you're good...for the most part. But recently Callie has discovered how to make herself burp, and she loves it. She thinks it's funny. Ok, maybe we laughed the first time. Maybe I even laughed the second time. But this has been going on for weeks. She's starting to do it without even realizing it. What if her nervous twitch becomes burping?! How unbecoming of a young lady....

So yesterday, after ALL DAY of self-induced burps, I told her if she did it one more time, she was going to time out. Enough was enough. Only a few moments later, she sucked in some air and out came a little burp. "Callie!" She jumped. I really believe she didn't realize what she had done. "Callie, what just happened?" "I burped." "Ok, time out." She didn't fight it at all...just quietly walked to time out. (sigh)

We haven't had any incidents today, but really. Come on girl. I got to put my foot down on this one. If you aren't drinking loads of rootbeer at a sleepover, or trying to burp the alphabet, we got to draw the line.

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Ashley DeMille said...

my kids think it's pretty to funny to burp too. I told them it was potty talk so whenever they do it they have to sit on the toilet! I have to admit I have a hard time not laughing with them!


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