Friday, April 29, 2011

Life Continues...

I will be among the many -- or thousands -- who blog about the Prince and Duchess today.  The Royal Wedding.  How fabulous.  I decided not to wake up early since I went to bed so late.  But, I'm relying on Scotty and Annie to have recorded it for me.  I did, however, catch Good Morning America this morning when I woke up with Samantha, and I have to say, I thought Kate, now Catherine, looked  beautiful.  I'm all for the natural look.  Loved her hair and that gorgeous veil (I'm a veil girl)...the lace sleeves.  As if my opinion matters...I say "nicely done."  If I never get to watch the recorded wedding, then I'll watch it on their 10 year anniversay when it's I did as a little girl watching Princess Diana marry Prince Charles.  Marcus thinks William and Kate will divorce.  I sure hope not.  I want them to be the Nicole Kidman/Tom about the Jennifer Aniston/Brad Pitt....uh....are they really doomed?  I sure hope not.  The romantic in me still believes they'll hang on like Lucille and Desi...ahhhh.  Enough.  No more.  I see a future similar to that of Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman!  That's right.  Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.  Will and Jada that's what I'm talking about.  Kevin and Kyra.  Ok ok ok

I'm at the hospital today with Nathaniel.  He's doing better, though he's still heavily sedated.  It reminds me of moments in the hospital with Samantha, but this is something that Marcus and I never had to experience -- weeks in the hospital.  I feel for Scotty and Annie.

Plans for Sweatin' for Sammy are moving forward.  I can't believe it's so soon.  A woman from the newspaper came and did an interview.  She's writing an article about Samantha.  A photographer is coming on Saturday to take pictures of her.  Wow.  This seems so unreal.

I'm continuing to do what I can to prepare for Girls' Camp.  I'm excited to be one of the assistant directors, but it is one more thing to think about right now.  I'm confident in the young women I'm working with, though, so it'll all come together fine.

I take back Nathaniel being heavily sedated.  He's heavily medicated, but I just spent 15 minutes holding his hand and stroking his hair.  Everytime I stopped, he squirmed.

Callie went had a rough week last week, but the past few days she's been so sweet.  She has been actively playing and trying to engage with Samantha more.  I guess she always has, but it's just different.  It's almost as if she's matured.  Why does saying that make me tear up?  But she has.  She more clearly understands Samantha.  She jokes with her and Sammy smiles back.  Callie knows how to play differently with Samantha.  She doesn't want Samantha to go to school in the mornings because she wants her around.  It's so great to see their relationship deepen.  I love Callie.  She makes me smile every morning when she wakes up, comes in the room and says, "Good Mooooorning." 

Life continues to move on.  I feel like I've been going at a frantic pace for so long.  I'm not keeping up with everything I had hoped to.  My book is on hold the past little bit as I try to be there for my own family and extended family.  But, I'm ok with that. 

Ok...time to help out again...

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Rob and Marseille said...

your life sounds busy, but thanks for sharing it with us!


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