Saturday, September 10, 2011

First Days of School

Oh heavens, it's true.  Samantha is in Kindergarten and Callie's in preschool.  When did all of this happen?!  Well, technically a few weeks ago.  But really people!  Time goes so quickly and it's...shocking...sometimes.  I wrote more about Sammy's first day on her blog, but I'm thrilled to report that she's a delight and doing wonderfully in her kindergarten class.  I drop her off a couple days a week and it's fun to see her excited to go.  That's a good sign.  It's ok that she can't tell me in words yet, because I see it on her face.  I know she likes it.  

Callie waiting with Sammy for the bus to come.

Ready to go off to school.

Callie's first day of preschool started the week after Samantha's.  She, too, seems to really like it.  Some days she tells me she's not going, but she always gets excited when it's time to go.  She's a fickle little lass.  It's been nice that a friend of hers, Lilly, attends the same school.  They hold hands and walk in together every day.  This program that Callie got into is a reverse immersion class.  It's a special ed preschool class.  Twice a week they bring in "mainstream" preschoolers to do activities.  In all honesty, I wasn't sure about it at first, but I went with it.  It's in a charter school, and we were among the very few to get selected.  Once I went to Back To School night, I was giddy with excitement.  The things they'll be doing look so great.  And I get to be in there 2x a month as a volunteer and help with activities.  I'm hoping it's a good experience for her -- well, I'm confident it will be.  But I admit that I'm still worried about what this will mean academically for her.  For this year, I think it's a fantastic program.  However, the year before Kindergarten, I'll have to reassess and see if I feel like this will prepare her properly.  I do supplement her learning...we do Mommy School each day (which she loves and asks me for!), so I'm pretty confident her reading, writing, etc will be on track...just stuff to think about.  For now...I'm more than happy.  But for any of you experienced moms or preschool teachers, any comments on this would be helpful.

Excited for her first day.

What a beautiful little face.  (This was a few days into her cornrows and twists.  A 'hair' post is coming up...)

The "in front of the school sign" picture.

It may not look like it in this picture, but these 2 really do love each other!

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Rob and Marseille said...

from christopher's experience at kindergarten, they catch everyone up the first month at school, so whether you've had preschool before or not, everyone was on the same page. (the difference I saw was behavioral, if kids were used to sitting/listening/etc). I think it is a great experience both for Callie and the special ed kids & I wouldn't be worried about her 'not being ready' for kindergarten, to do the same thing next year. my only concern would be if she would be bored doing the same thing (is it the same 'curriculum?') I would ask yourself is preschool about socialness or academic? and then decide 1/2 way through the year/towards the end of next year which route you'd like to take.


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