Friday, September 23, 2011

See Her at Now I Can

Since we've been here, I haven't been able to upload any video.  Grrr  Sergio suggested I upload it onto their computer...then I'll just delete it off.  Anyway.  I plan on making our own little video of all of our stuff after the 3 weeks, but for today, you get to see Sammy at Now I a few glimpses.

In this first one, she was being fitted for her suit for the first time and getting ready to take off!

This is also during that first day evaluation.  She was sitting in the neurosuit doing some small tasks so they could see how everything fit and worked out.  I love the people who work here.  I really can't say enough.  They are so so so good with kids, and that's important to me, obviously.  It's a love/hate relationship for Sammy.  She doesn't like having to work hard and doing the uncomfortable things, but she loves them too.  It's cute.

Finally, here's some footage of her in the spider cage.  I have to ask again how this works because I know I'll explain it wrong, but from what I understand, she is perfectly centered in there.  With the cords in each direction, it is maintaining stability that she doesn't naturally have.  So, as she works on exercises in there, she is gradually gaining better control on her own.


Jennie said...

What great videos. It is so exciting to see her in action.

maryirene said...

wow. jenny, i've been so caught up in my own life and haven't looked at blogs for ages, and now here i am looking at your blog and realizing, wow, this is huge. i love and admire you and marcus and samantha so much. i'm wishing you the best as you finish out your weeks there and as you head back to cali. we love you.


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