Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Almost Over?

I cannot believe that the time has passed so quickly. When we arrived, I thought, for sure, that these 3 weeks were going to feel like very long THREE weeks. But, the time has just flown by for me.

Samantha is doing well. She still cries but tolerates a bit more each day. I've wondered if she had a different problem -- like instead of having super tight muscles she had really low muscle tone -- if that would make the experience less painful and difficult for her. I hate to hear her cry and be upset. But, I do know it's good for her. And, admist the cries, she still smiles. She still stumbles when she walks, but overall, I can see that she is more comfortable in a more erect posture. She stands taller and straighter. And, if you think about it, babies learn to stand before they start taking those first steps. So, I'm good with her getting a solid standing posture.

I just can't believe it's Tuesday of our last week. I feel so blessed to have been here. Sergio has a gift and I am grateful he was able to work with Samantha. I look forward to April when we hope to return.

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