Monday, October 31, 2011

This is Halloween...

Oh my goodNESS.  Halloween is so much fun with little kids!  Trick or treating?  I'm sure I loved it as a kid, but it's possible that trick or treating with Callie and Sammy was way more fun than doing it myself as a kid.  uhhhhh maybe not.  But still.  Callie was so excited and said cute things like:

"oooo this one may be a bit scary guys"
"Now Sammy, this may be scary for you"
"I'm Callie and this is my sister Sammy.  But she's older than me.  Happy Halloween."
After being given a handful of candy: "WOA!  It's almost full to the top!"

Her excitement for life was palpable and it was so. much. fun.

Halloween this year lasted not one, but 3 days over here. 
1) Ward Halloween Party.  Fantastic.  Sammy won "Prettiest Costume." 
2) Sammy's Halloween party at school.  Marcus brought Callie (while I was stuck in an office downtown...grrrr) and she walked in the parade at the elementary school and played some games afterward.
3) The real deal.  Halloween night.  Trick or treating.

Here's a small glimpse of our insane fun.

Friday night, before the ward Halloween party


Rapunzel and Snow White
Callie chose the Halloween costumes this year.  She did a good job.

At the Halloween party

Sammy and Callie at school's Halloween party.  This was before the parade.  I think Callie had fun participating in Sammy's school party.  One thing that I love about Callie is how much she loves her sister.  She is protective over her, but also, in a way, proud to be her sister.  Everywhere she goes, she makes sure people know that Sammy is her sister.  She looks forward to being with her.  She loves waiting for her after school.  She just loves being with her.  So I was very happy that the school was more than happy to have Callie included in their parade.

These 2 fourth graders love Samantha.  They volunteer almost everyday in Samantha's class where they read stories and play games with all the kids.  They have grown quite attached to Samantha's sweet.

Post-parade dancing.

Halloween night.

this was the best I could do getting a picture of the both of them together.

Trick or treating

At the end of the night, Callie couldn't have been more ready to rip into her candy ~ and Sammy more ready to go to bed.  It was a fantastic night.


Heidi said...

They both look beautiful! How fun!
It is so fun and interesting to see how Callie deals/copes/reacts to/loves Sammie.

Rob and Marseille said...

when I saw Callie's picture first I hoped Samantha would be rapunzel. That costume/hair is soo cute! And I love Callie's hair- its just perfect!

Ashley DeMille said...

How did you do Callie's hair??? it is so cute! I love little rapunzel! It fits her so perfect!

Jenny said...

haha Callie made all the decisions this halloween. So yes, Samantha wasn't really Rapunzel, according to Callie Sammy was "Tangled." Ashley -- I took sections of Callie's hair and just twisted it in my fingers. I love doing little ringlets on her. I love her hair.

Peggy said...

I LOVE their costumes!!! Sammy is such a cute rupunzel!


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