Friday, November 18, 2011


Wow.  Thank you for all your comments, emails, facebook messages, and love. 

Though it seems like this should be very terrible (and it was a few weeks ago when we received her initial email stating that she was going to go with placing her baby with her own mother ~ I think that's when most of the emotions got worked through for me), I feel peace.  And I feel love.  I hope good things for them and that little baby. 

I am, actually, feeling fine.  I'm afraid that I sent off a different message on my facebook status -- I was sad, but it wasn't the deep sadness that I felt weeks prior.  That sadness I carried privately (and with a select few).  That was a difficult time.  That was hard. 

But now, I'm not sad as much as I'm just tired.  Physically.  Emotionally.  I feel drained.  And it's easy to confuse feeling sluggish with feeling sadness.  But, it's not sadness I'm feeling anymore.  I truly believe that the Lord is in control.  It's all in His hands.  And for whatever reason, Heavenly Father allowed this all to happen, knowing that it would be for our good.

This is all for our good.

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Jordan and Ariana said...

I already commented on your facebook status the other day, but when I read this I was wondering how you could be so strong. This exact thing happened to my sister last week. They flew to Tennessee 2 Wednesdays ago, the baby was born the next day, and by Saturday no papers were being signed and then the mom decided to keep her baby. My family was shocked to say the least. My sister was very sad but she told me they felt a lot of peace at the same time. She knew she was going to be okay. Now I understand how you said you were okay.I know Someone is watching out for you special ladies. I'll keep hoping and praying you can get another baby soon!


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