Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Daddy's Boy

Micah is all about Daddy.

Sure, he loves me.  He really does.  He cries for me, comes to me for comfort, often favors me over others.  We play together, cuddle together...he's a normal little boy who loves his mama deeply.  I could elaborate to really allow you to understand how much he idolizes me, but let's talk about Marcus.  Because there is surely something he adores about Daddy.  And I l-o-v-e it.  Even now, he sees this picture on the computer and is incessantly saying, "Daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy, daddy" while pointing to the screen.  And there's not even an actual picture of Daddy on the computer.

Sammy and Callie love their dad.  They do.  But they are definitely Mama's girls.  Micah.  That boy.  It's clear he is a Daddy's Boy.  If Micah is awake when Daddy leaves for work, he cries.  And it's not just a whimper.  No.  He is distraught.  I have to take him to the window and we wave as Daddy drives away.  And Micah just keeps saying, "Buh-bye Daddy.  Buh-bye Daddy."  Even when his car is out of sight, "Buh-bye Daddy."

I look at Marcus with his son and am so grateful.  I see how this incredibly important and deep bond will save Micah.  I do not envision Micah to be a rebellious, crazy teenager (goodness, I hope not anyway).  No.  The saving I am speaking of is deeper than that.  I'm referring to the quiet moments Micah will have one day, when he contemplates his place in this world...his plans for the future...how to find solutions to his problems...how to treat his friends, girlfriends, and wife...the type of father he wants to be...what it means to be a Man.  Is "save" a little too dramatic of a word?  I don't think so.  I think it's our relationships that do save us.  Save us from poor decisions and unnecessary pain.  And when we do make those poor decisions and experience that unnecessary pain, it's those deep connections with people that save us by pulling us through those dark moments.

Yep.  Micah's a Daddy's Boy.  And I love it.

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Letty said...

Loved this Jenny. Definitely made me get teary-eyed, and hope with all my heart I get to have a Daddy's boy as well!


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