Thursday, January 16, 2014

Helping Hands

A couple years ago, our Relief Society took pictures of people's hands doing many different things...serving, praying, helping, working, etc.  I wasn't there for the presentation, but my understanding was that it was supposed to show us all that our hands do...and tie back to Christ.  His hands.  And, are we doing what His hands would do if He were here?  Are we serving like He would?  Are we remembering His sacrifice for us...are we remembering His hands?  Though I wasn't there for the evening, the concept has stuck in my mind and I've thought about my hands a lot.  

I have also thought about my children's hands...all they do, and what I learn from them.

Since she was young, Callie has been a helper.  She likes being intimately involved in a task, especially when it comes to mothering.  Helping me with Samantha was something she took part in as an infant.  Callie has always been very observant and interested in what others are doing.  And while still an infant, when I needed a diaper for Samantha, Callie would go and get it for me and bring it, proud to be Mama's helper.  Callie has loved taking care of her baby dolls, but it has never compared to being able to take care of her sister, and for years she has done so.  She knew how to feed her cousin, Nate, through his G-tube months before I did!  Her curious, ever-wanting-to-learn mind and attitude keep her hands busy.  
When Micah came into the picture, this was thrilling for her.  She continued to help with Sammy, but Sammy has become a little easier, and now there is a baby in the house who needs extra care.  Callie has come, with her helping hands, time and time again to jump in to assist.  Whether it is to practice walking while he was young, or learning to use a fork, she is right there.  She is continuing to learn as she goes, learning the different types of hands she needs when being there for someone.  And though he may not always appreciate Callie's hands all over...I think he 100% understands that her hands mean love...and he absolutely is in love with her.

Teaching Hands
Careful Hands
Mothering Hands
Learning Hands
Loving Hands
Helping Hands
Christ-like Hands

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