Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Best Compliment Ever!

Marcus, now that he's a working man, has a paycheck. And, I think I splurged a little bit at Target the other day. Oops. Anyway.

I had Callie with me on that glorious day. I bought a shirt and skirt for myself, and a pair of shoes for her. They were on clearance, little boots, and I couldn't control myself. As much as I tried, they are just so cute...and they will look so cute with the skinny jeans Grammy bought. Anyway...while I was purchasing the merchandise, the cashier asked...

"Does she look more like you or her dad?"
"Callie?" I was a little surprised since I usually -- never -- get this question. "Oh, well, she looks a lot like her birthmom. We adopted Callie."
"Really? I totally see you in her."
Big grin that can't be contained. "Oh, really? Thanks. But nope, it's her birthmom in her."

We went on to talk about her adoption story (as much as you can while paying for your stuff). I'm telling you, I think that's got to be the absolute best compliment I've had in awhile. It even beats, "Hey, have you lost weight?". It really touched me that this employee thought she was biological. First I thought, "Does she really think I'm that pretty!?" because I think Callie is so adorable. And then I remembered, Callie is mine. She has been sealed to me. And I firmly believe she was meant to be my daughter...and even if our physical characteristics, when broken down, aren't similar ~ because come on, they really aren't at all ~ there's something that shows a resemblance in our spirit...perhaps.

I love Callie so much and I'm so blessed to be her mommy. And I'm so incredibly blessed that her birthmom is apart of our lives. I'm glad that Callie looks like her, so when she sees the pictures of them together, she'll be able to see herself ~ a reflection of both inner and outer beauty. And that every time we see Callie, we are reminded of her birthmother...the one who brought her to us through such selfless love.

And after our little discussion with the Target employee in which I bore testimony of the blessings of adoption, Callie through a royal tantrum. It was a very sweet and tender moment for us all.


Andrew & Christy said...

Great story...my mom was adopted so that is comforting. Thanks Jenny! Hope all is well! Come visit us in Spokane sometime.

ANewKindOfPerfect said...

What a nice story! I think some of it is mannerisms. You know how your kids pick up the small things you do .. like eye rolling or smirking? Hehe Or perhaps she just thought YOU were as beautiful as Callie! :)

Heidi said...

She DOES look a lot like you, especially when she smiles. And you have the same chin. I always thought so.


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