Monday, October 4, 2010

Memory Lane

I remember running errands with my mom when I was a wee lass. One place we'd go each week was the butcher shop. It wasn't out of necessity. We did, after all, have the Kroger down the street that I'm sure had a section to carve fresh lunch meat...but nonetheless, to the butcher we went. He must have been cheaper. I remember the store was in a small strip mall next to a Big Boy Restaurant, Baskin Robbins, and a jewelry store.

I loved going to the butcher. I really did. Entering that shop, sure there was an assortment of meat which wasn't so appealing to look at -- but he also had an array of cheese behind the glass and that was just heavenly. Oh sweet cheese. There were also breads, buns, and other baked goods that you could purchase.

While my mom bought the thinly sliced pound of turkey or ham...and always just a few slices of salami because I loved it, I'd look at the big glass jar on top of the counter that was home to what looked like hundreds of pretzel rods. I can't remember if it was Mom who splurged each week and sacrificed the 10 cents to buy the pretzel for me, or if the butcher gave me one each time, but each week, I walked away with a pretzel rod in hand. I'd begin by biting off the individual salt grains, letting them dissolve in my mouth until taking a bite of the crunchy pretzel rod. It was such a small thing, but I looked forward to it each week.

My girls eat pretzels. I have found that the pretzel sticks are perfect for Samantha. She can pick them up and eat them well. It's a good food to have her practice finger feeding. So, I usually stick to sticks. But this past week, something must have come over me because I ventured the usual routine -- heaven forbid -- and bought pretzel rods. I was reminded of the butcher shop when I bought them, but when I opened the bag and actually took one out...bit off the salt...and then bit into the pretzel...crystal clear memories flooded back.

It's so amazing to me how one little trigger can bring back so much to our remembrance. Just one of those things that make me really happy.


Erin said...

We went to the same butcher shop when I was little (pre-kindergarten) and I totally remember those pretzels. :) And the tons of containers of BBQ sauce in the little reddish jugs. :) Wow, your post brought back lots of memories for me too!

Jenny said...

ahhhh! the bbq sauce! that's awesome. i forgot about those!


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