Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Questions

Let the tagging begin... this was fun to think about.  Good questions Marse!

Pancakes or waffles and why?  (OR what is your favorite breakfast food?) 
Waffles.  I like the slight crisp that the waffle iron gives them.  Plus, there are hundreds of little empty pools ready to be filled with syrup or whipped cream...what's not to love about that?  But my favorite breakfast food is french toast.

Favorite date?  Where, when, and why?
Oooo I've had a lot of really good dates, but my first date with Marcus was pretty great.  We doubled with Bart and Leanne, ate dinner at Osaka in Provo -- even had the back room and sat on the floor, played frisbee golf after dinner, visited Barnes & Noble and chatted it up, and ended at my place talking and looking at pictures.  What we did was fun, but there was also the excitement of the first date with the guy you know you're interested in and you know he likes you too.  It was just the perfect first date.

Which is more prevalent in your home?  Cars or princesses?
Princess "stuff."  With two girls, it's no surprise I suppose.  We've got the dolls, a couple crowns, Tiana and Tinkerbell images.  But I think most of that is Grammy's influence.  Callie loves it, but she's super into cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters, doctors, soccer, wrestling...all that rough boy stuff.  But underneath, she's all girl requesting manicures and pedicures, ruffly skirts, etc.

What singular thing determines your happiness more than any other?
I'm with you Marse...the cleanliness of the kitchen.  First thing in the morning, if I can see a clean, clutter-free, ready-to-start-a-new-day kitchen, I'm pretty happy.  When we lived in our own place, I was much more anal about it.  It drove Marcus a little crazy.

If you could change one thing about your wedding, what would it be and why?
Dancing.  Dancing.  Dancing.  Marcus isn't a dancer, his family doesn't dance, and the wedding was in California -- his side of the family.  So I dropped it pretty quickly.  It's my biggest regret.  I love dancing.  Analisa and Bryan would have busted a move on the dance floor -- and I'm pretty convinced Chris would have too...our guests would have, and all my friends who came out to the wedding totally would have been out there with me.  It would have made that party/celebration feel that I wanted at my wedding.  What can I say?  I'm a party girl.

Facebook or blogging and why?
I like write and blogging is my outlet for that most times.  Like many others, it's a form of journal for me.  I like Facebook for the quick messages back and forth...seeing other people's pictures, etc.  But I don't utilize Facebook the way others do.  Marcus calls me a blogaholic.  Maybe I am.  I dunno.

Favorite blog you follow (or stalk)?  Why?
Make It and Love It  has great, easy craft ideas
House of Smiths  I love her style.  Some of her projects look incredible and are manageable!  I see herself and then dream about one day, when we have a home, how I'm going to do her projects in this color, with that stain, whatever.  Love it.  And she's super cute.

Kidz  It's a special needs blog, and before I became a regular contributor, I enjoyed the uplifting and supportive nature of each post.  It's been a great place for me to meet other moms who live a special needs life.  I've learned so much from them.
Jonathon Canlas Photography  Because I'm in love with his pictures and wishes he lived here and was my best friend so he'd do a session for free with my squirmy Sammy!  I love love love his style.  He's great.
Little Green Notebook  I LOVE this site!  I've bookmarked so many of her projects as "to do" when we have our own place.  I love it!  

Oh wait...you asked for my favorite BLOG -- singular.  I'll stop here. 

If you could buy one item RIGHT NOW for under $200, what would it be?  Why?
Probably shoes.  This morning I was tempted to run out and get a pair today.  I love shoes.

1. Jessica N.
2. Rose

3. Tara
4. Amelia
5. Katie Slade!!!  Yes YOU!  It's been so long!:)
6. Julie Massey
7. Julie of Thad and Julie:)
8. Erin Cecil
9. Andrea Carruth

Tag, you're it.  Here are my questions for you.

1. What is the nerdiest (and possibly best) quality of your man?
2. Frozen yogurt or icecream?  What flavor?
3. What one thing gets you geared up for Fall?
4. Favorite musical artist?
5. In honor of Halloween: What is the creepiest place/situation you've ever been in?  Where, when, what happened!?
6. Book you could read once a year 'cause it's just that good.
7. Finish the statement: If I had the guts to do it, I'd.....
8. When do you start getting ready for Christmas?  (I like having Christmas shopping done before Thanksgiving if I can!)


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