Sunday, September 30, 2012

We Are Family

All we wanted was a picture of the kids....

The first one never works, right?

And Micah was freaked out by the ponies 

"Dude," says Callie, "why don't you like the ponies?"

Sammy wasn't terribly interested in holding her baby brother.

As much as he wanted her to hold him, she remained indifferent.

Callie's all smiles, Sammy's unsure how much longer this will take, and Micah's already pulling the funny faces when we're trying to take a good picture.

It's a keeper.
Be looking for this beauty in our 2013 Christmas card!


The Macons said...

Hahaha! Classic! This is precious. All of their faces are liek what the $@#&* mom?!

The Macons said...


Gordon and Robyn said...

The last one is awesome! How cute are your children :)

I love Micah newborn pictures. What a sweetie!

Laura said...

Oh how wonderful! I love your narrative! And your children's faces are priceless and so precious!

D-n-E said...

I just checked blogs for the first time in months and I've missed so much. A thousand times congratulations. He is beautiful!


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