Sunday, September 9, 2012


I hate playing catch up.  So much has been going on, and it'll take some time to get it down.  And I'm tired.  For now, the biggest update is that we're back from Utah, got in a car accident on the way home from Utah (we're all ok and it wasn't our fault), and we'll be expecting a baby boy any day now.


Until are some pictures that I recently came across.


Emily said...

Big changes for all of you. Hoping that everything goes great. Our dear friends just brought home their adopted baby girl last week. Lots of joy here.

Rose and Daniel said...

Sophie has the same bathing suit as Samantha! It's so cute! Good luck with the baby coming soon. So excited for you guys!

Cristine said...

I've been behind on reading blogs. So I see big Congrats are in order, I'm so happy for you guys!


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