Monday, February 16, 2009

Bad Luck

Some people have bad luck with computers. Take, for instance, my parents. No matter how new a computer is, my dad will have a problem with it. And not just an I-don't-know-stuff-about-computers problem...but something more along the lines of need-to-hire-someone-to-fix-it problem. It's a curse. Others have problems with, say, love. It's tragic, but we all know people who just can't seem to make it work, yet, with relationships. This is different, I suppose, because the bad luck is really just the fact that they haven't found the right person. Some have bad luck with cars. Others have bad luck with health -- they are always getting sick. Well, my friends, Marcus and I officially have bad luck with cameras.

Perhaps this won't fully illustrate our frustration, but when we got married, my dad gave us a camera. We grew fond of this little camera, but sure enough, it stopped functioning at it's best and caused me too much frustration. So, my dad, out of love, surprised us and bought us a new camera. Nikon Coolpix. It wasn't Ashton Kutcher's stellar commercials that pulled my dad in, it was the great deal at Sam's Club and the fact that it really is a nice camera. We used this baby everyday. Until Saturday night that is. It will not turn on. Correction: It will not stay on for more than a few seconds. We have tried everything, but I'm afraid another camera is going to the grave. This time, she only lasted about 6 months. I don't drop cameras. I don't throw them. I don't accidentally put them in through a wash cycle. There is no abuse of any kind to my memory catching friends. But somehow, they always decide to desert me right when I need them most.
Marcus told me that if we got a good tax return, we could buy a camera. I want a really nice camera. One that I can take really really good pictures with. Ya know, when you can focus on one object and it's fuzzy in the background and stuff? Wouldn't that be cool?! But the truth is, if I'm saying I want the kind of camera that focuses in on one object and leaves the background fuzzy, I'm obviously not at the point in my photography skills to get one of those. But, don't you need one like that to practice, to learn, to develop the photography skills of a champion? Or perhaps I need to just have a good everyday camera, and take some classes before I dive in and get a great one? hmmm Plus, a really great one may be too pricey.

So, I need help. We filed our taxes today and Marcus agreed to get a new camera. But, we don't know a price range yet because we're not sure what's realistic. Any suggestions? I need one that will stay with me in the long haul. None of this 6 month business. I've also really enjoyed the video feature. It's helped a lot not having to bring a video camera everywhere we go. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

With that said, we may not have any new pictures posted for awhile. Sorry. I know you're all crying inside.


Scott and Natalie said...

Well I got a really nice camera about four years ago, one that wasn't just a simple point and shoot but a little bit more. It wasn't quite as big or nice as a nikon d60-80 or whatever, but it was a great learning tool, which was the reason why I got it in the first place, to learn so I could get a big camera and know what I was doing. It was a panasonic lumix dmz. I really loved it. I know that the newer models of this camera are probably much better now, but maybe you would want to try something like that before heading out into the DSLR world.

Heidi Ashworth said...

I'm afraid my luck with cameras is only slightly better than yours. I have liked mine a lot until they start getting old and eccentric (about 81 years sooner than my dad). sigh . . One thing I do know is not to get one like Mary got for Christmas. The battery needs to be recharged every five or so snaps.

maryirene said...

jeffrey will have some great knowledge on this topic! from getting the fuzzy background you are wishing for, to finding a good quality, long lasting camera. you should send an email his way.

bostonroms said...

Jen. I love our camera. It's big and heavy to lug around. But the pictures are worth it ten times over. What you're looking for is a camera where you can adjust the "f-stop" aka "aperture". That determines the "depth of field"... also known as the background fuzzy and your subject in focus. ;)

We have a digital rebel xt. I know for a fact that you can buy our same camera with an additional flash, case, and sometimes a lens too if you can find that deal for about $300. It's not the newest model but will do everything you want and more.

The trick with a DSLR camera is to get a decent body and a GOOD LENS. Or just buy a good point and shoot (the canon d9 is a good one, although a bit pricey. i'm not sure how much you're looking to spend!).'

Any more questions, talk to me.

I LOVE my camera and the pics I can take with it.

Heather said...

Oh no Jenny! My camera luck wore off on you!! I'm so sorry! At least you didn't drop it like me (thanks for bringing it up).

Danette said...

I second Marci-- we have basically the same camera. Love it. It's life has been long in our family-- nearly 4 years. :)

Heather said...

We have a Canon and it takes nice little video clips. It is the Digital Elph, I think Maren said she has the same camera. We really like it and it is nice and small. It also takes pictures fairly quickly which was a requirement. I hated when the moment was gone and then the picture took. I think the nice big ones are a great investment but they are SO big to carry around. With kids don't you have enough to carry around? Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

hey jenny, i just wrote a blog post on how to get fuzzy backgrounds - the main point of it is that the zoom lenses that come standard on new slr's don't have very big maximum apertures (the lens "hole" can't open up very big) - which causes the fuzziness - so i recommend buying a fixed focal length lens (one that can't zoom). since they don't have all of the zooming mechanics they are able to be built with a larger maximum aperture. you can get a new one for around 100 dollars. you might even be able to wangle a deal out of the salesman to throw one in super cheap if you buy the camera. anyhow, blah blah blah. email me if you have any questions...

Adespain said...

Hi Jenny! I did some research on this because Jordon is getting interested in photography and I wanted to by him a good camera for christmas that could do cool things. That said, this info comes from a lot of reading and 2 months with the camera- though not much experience.
I bought Jordon a Cannon Powershot A590. You can adjust aperture and shutter speed and more. What I ended up finding in my reading was that this was a good camera to start learning on if you are a beginner because you can get it decently priced and take quality pictures and use quite a few features. If you look it up on there was a great review that explains all the pros and cons of the camera (as well as the kind of things it can do) from a guy who owns a much fancier camera (and with expertise), but still owns one of these that he always has on him.
wow, this is long. anyways, I found this camera on for $105 buckaroos.

Hope this helps!

Jenae said...

My two cents is that I love my new camera too! we researched a lot and knew that we wanted a Canon so we went with the Canon G10. It is not a point and shoot but not as big and expensive as the Rebel either. We get great pictures with it and hardly ever have blurry photos. I love that it takes the picture right when you press the button, doesn't have that delay like a lot of digital cameras!


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