Thursday, February 26, 2009

Love That Dog

If you haven't read Love That Dog by Sharon Creech, do. Go to the library. Don't even take the time to check it out. Sit down in the aisle and read it. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Sure it's 86 pages long, but the format is a quick read. QUICK.

A friend of mine (thanks Brittney) gave me her copy to read. When I saw her tonight, she asked if I had read it. She so enthusiastically asked me, that I felt a little sheepish when I replied, "No, I haven't yet. But I really want to." Well, when I got home, I put Callie to bed and got her book out. Like I said, it was a quick read, but it was so great. Really great. I even teared up.

Love That Dog is written in the voice of a young boy -- I would say an elementary school aged boy. He writes in his school journal responses to poetry that his teacher introduces and reads to the class. Along the way, he writes some of his own and learns that not only can he write poetry, but he enjoys it. I was surprised that in such few words, I was able to really love this young boy. I think it's because his character is a reflection of most all kids -- his attitudes, his discoveries, and his love for his dog. I also loved this book because it is yet another example of how a writer can pack so much in to such a small amount of space. Perfect word choice is what makes a good book great. Love that book!


Megs said...

Sharon Creech is always a good read. Love her.

Momma B and Daddy R said...

I glance away from your blog for five seconds, hit the refresh, and there's my book! (Okay, so you probably didn't scan the cover in for the post, but you know what I mean.) I'm glad you liked it. I worry that sometimes I get so excited over things that I love, that other people get really high expectations from my excitement. I remember tearing up the first time I read it. And the second. And third. I just think it's great. And I'm super excited to talk more about writing with you!

Momma B and Daddy R said...

What do you mean "Maybe one day"? C'mon! Let's get it started! I really want to read your work!
Oh, by the way, can you send me those websites you were telling me about?
We'll talk more about this "maybe one day" business later. :)


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