Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Reunion 2012

We all came to Utah for different reasons, but we capitalized on the opportunity and all got together...minus Marcus.  He was missed.  It's rare that my side of the family can all be gathered, and it was really fun to spend some time together.  Ian, my oldest nephew, was very interested in Samantha this time together.  He asked a lot of questions, enjoyed feeding her and helping her was fun for me.  And Callie was attached to Lindsay!  I can't believe how big Ty is now and it was just so fun to be with everyone.  Wish we could do it more often.  I think they should ALL move to California.  That's that.

Peggy playing frisbee with Callie

Alex is getting so old...even though he's nearly the exact same age as Sammy!

Callie's new best friend...cousin Lindsay

Jackson hanging out with dad



Callie and Hunter...these 2 get along so well

Sweet moment I caught when Ian went up to Grandpa and gave him a big hug

Callie fishing...thanks Lisa for helping her out

Blurry, but cute.  Brayden, Ted, Ty, and Peggy

Brayden, Lindsay, Callie

Callie angrily devouring the watermelon!

Peggy and Lisa

Adam, Sammy, Callie, and Lindsay.  Sammy really enjoyed crawling all over Adam.

Dad, master chef

Ted and the boys.
Alex, Hunter, Jackson, Ian

Mom and Dad

Lisa and Jen -- I almost didn't post this because I kind of look like a moose, but Lees and I have very few pictures I'm suckin' it up

Plum tuckered out after a fun day

Mom so desperately tried to light candles for the birthday boys, but just as we started, a huge gust of wind and stormy skies blew the plates away and everything on top of them.  She had good intentions, but Mother Nature was not having it.  Sammy enjoyed it though.

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