Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trampoline Fun with Daddy

Marcus came out this past weekend and it was so fun to see him.  Callie and Sammy were so happy to see him too.  I appreciated the naps I got with his extra help, but I also just loved seeing how excited Sammy was when she saw her daddy and to see how much Callie wanted to be around him.  It made me so grateful to have Marcus in my life.

How fun is that?!  Yes, we'll buy a trampoline one day.  For sure.

On a more serious note:  Some time ago, a man in our stake passed away.  He was young.  He left behind his amazing pregnant wife and his young children.  I really struggled with Stephanie's loss, because even though I believe God is in control and I'm not, I realized there really was nothing I could do if it was Marcus' time to leave.  I had never entertained the thought that he could seriously pass away before we were old and gray.  A friend of mine is friends with a woman who lost her son, and then shortly after, lost her husband.  I follow her blog.  I remember reading that losing their son was horrible and painful.  But losing her husband was so much worse.  He is her best friend.  He's the one that she could lean on.  They always had each other, and now, he's gone.  The family of 6 quickly became a family of 4.  These women...their honesty during this time in her life has helped me feel so much more appreciative and ever grateful for Marcus.


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