Friday, August 24, 2012

Last Day

Time has gone by pretty fast.  For the past few days, I've been very ready to come home...but today, I want to stay.  Sammy is doing really well and I just want to stay.

I'm happy to report how happy all the therapists are.  Sammy is walking straighter, but more importantly, she is walking more slowly.  She's always had 1 speed, and that's FAST.  But, now that she is moving slower, she has more control.  She is stopping before getting to objects.  Today, she slowly walked down the hall on her own (no, I have no video...I was in the middle of an interview), turned the corner, stopped herself to look at some pictures which she touched but didn't fling or throw, turned around, and walked back into the gym.  It sounds just like your everyday kid, right?  I'm quite happy.

We are planning on coming back in 1 year.  It makes me anxious and want to get back here in 6 months instead of waiting the entire year.

It's a good day to end on.

Thank you to Sergio, Nacole, Mitch, and Andrea for all their work with Sammy.


Cristina Might said...

Hey Jenny! Just wanted to say that I was think about you and your family this month. We're sending lots of love and strength your way. Meeting you, Sammy and Callie was the highlight of our Now I Can session. :)

Anonymous said...

We all loved working with Sammy too! Excited to see you next year. From the Now I Can therapy team :)


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