Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Friends always make traveling better.  Thanks to Chrystal for letting us stay at their place the first week while we're at therapy.  Callie loved being able to play with Caitlin while I was at therapy with Sammy, and it was just good to be around and chat with someone whenever I wanted.  Good times were had by all ~ well, aside from a bit of crying here and there...Caitlin and Callie really did get along most of the time.:)

Playing horsey with Dwayne.  Sammy really did love it a lot more than this picture shows.

Caitlin and Callie cuddling up on the chair to watch a video.

Caitlin, Samantha, Callie, and Hunter

Me, Sammy, Caitlin, Callie, Chrystal, and Hunter.
What a great week.  Thank you to your entire family for putting up with us for the entire week.

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April said...

Now that is a cute group on the couch! So glad you enjoyed your time together!


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