Sunday, January 10, 2010

Callie the Cook

Callie loves to cook. Whether it's pretend or not, she loves being in the kitchen. In the background you can see her new little stove/oven. She loves it. But today was a special day where she got to help Grammy make the rolls for dinner. I try to let her help me whenever I can...stirring, dumping in ingredients, whatever. She loves being a part of it.

You will notice in the pictures that she has a cut on her eye. If you were here, and you asked what happened, she'd say "Callie owie. Callie fall down car." Yeah. She fell out of the car onto her face. It was sad, but she's fine now.


yellow buttercups said...

Oh those are sweet pictures! My favorite is the one where Callie is holding Peggy's finger so tight as Peggy holds Callie's little hand. Precious!

The Nelsons said...

Very sweet! Your girls are so cute. :)


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