Saturday, January 23, 2010

Crazy Talent

I am constantly amazed at how much pure t a l e n t those around me possess. This past Christmas, a friend of mine -- a friend and artist -- drew a portrait of Samantha for me to give to my in-laws. I was impressed with her skill and quite happy how it turned out. I love her hair, her eyes; there's even something about her ears that I love. Is that silly? It is. I love her dress...the detail of her buttons. I love it. It was taken from a picture of Sammy when she was around 2 years old...when her cheeks were a little fuller -- an age when I just think Sammy looks so pretty.

Rebecca Scott is her name...and her skill goes beyond portraits. It would be worth your time to visit her website and seeing some of the work she has up. She does gorgeous landscapes that would compliment any living space. Worth a visit. Contact her for a quote on a portrait. You won't be sorry you did.

In addition to her paintings, she just opened an etsy shop selling incredibly fun and cool pop-up cards! I'm in love. The intricacy of her cut-outs are amazing -- they are just beautiful. Once again, very much worth going to her etsy shop. Peaden Scott Designs...makes my piddly little cards seem so very pathetic. They are very reasonably priced -- especially considering how awesome they are. When was the last time you got a pop-up card? When was the last time you got a homemade card? Friends, when was the last time you got a homemade pop-up card? How fun!


Missy said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL drawing of your daughter! I would love to have something like that of my own kids.

yellow buttercups said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful portrait of Sammy.It really captures her doesn't it? Wonderful!

The DeMille's said...

That is a really pretty picture

Laura said...

The portrait of Samantha IS beautiful! She's a beautiful girl and your friend did an amazing job of capturing that!


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