Monday, January 18, 2010


I've had many influences in my life...some good, some bad. I like to remember the good ones though, for they have made me better. And really, isn't that what life is all about? Yes, say I. So, today, I came face to face with a really good example. I've come face to face with this influence many times, but today, I recognized the gift in front of me.

Analisa is my sister-in-law. I met her when she was, oh, 13 I suppose. I liked her then. (I still like her, let me make that clear.) She was cute and fun, and she seemed to really like me. That made me happy. Four years has come and gone. She's graduated, gorgeous, and going to BYU-I. Because of the crazy track plans they have, she went one semester and is back home for another. Which, though it seemed crazy when she got her schedule, has worked out splendidly for me. You see, I get to spend time with her. And it's not holiday time. Holiday time is good, but day to day, normal living time is best. I think. It's the daily rubbing of shoulders that you really get to know people.

So, Analisa (who I affectionately have called "Leese" many times {pronounced "lease"} -- because that's what I call my sister, Lisa, and the more I get to know Analisa the more natural it is to call her "Leese"...) and I have planned to get in shape together. And we recently planned to go running tonight. Well, it has rained all day. Not just a little bit either. And when it was time for our run, not only was it still raining, but circumstances were such that it would have been really easy to say "Ya know, why don't we do this tomorrow?" But I didn't want to be the one to say it. Analisa said to me..."If you don't want to go, I totally understand. I mean, it doesn't seem like you want to go anymore." And she was right. No way did I want to go. "Hey, I'm up for it if you still are." Right. I was lying through my teeth! "Ok, let's go." Oh man.

When she opened the door, it wasn't raining anymore! It was pouring! But run we did and it felt great.

If it were not for Analisa, there's no way I would have gone running. And because I would have not gone running tonight, that would have been off the hook all week. I mean, it is supposed to rain all week. For one more week I would have sat on my kiester and done nothing, planning for the next week of good intentions. So my dear Analisa, thanks for your stellar influence on me. You are molding me into a better person.

What a babe.

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rachel said...

I'm glad you were able to go. I always feel better after a run ;)


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