Monday, January 11, 2010


We've all been sick here for a while, and so I was quite pleased the other day when I took Sammy to a neurologist appointment and she was actually happy. I was pretty positive her happy days were over forever based on her recent behavior. It's amazing how quickly her demeanor changes when she starts feeling better.

I was so grateful for this neurology appointment. Since moving here, things have been slow going for Samantha. We still haven't been placed in therapy -- still waiting on lists -- and we've been having trouble getting her medications, etc. Each month the pharmacy has to get approval from our insurance company because they don't want to have to pay for her expensive meds. Well, we finally got into a neurologist here, and that should make the approval process move along more quickly each month, and it will help for various other reasons.

I took Sammy up to meet with Dr. Duane up at Stanford. I couldn't have been more pleased. We recently have had some horrendous doctor visits (pediatrician), so it was so refreshing to enter a clean, beautiful building and meet with competent health care providers who I truly trust and have faith in. I've decided that I'm actually going to change pediatricians and make the drive up to Stanford for routine visits. It's not as far as I thought it would be, and I am just so impressed with the one visit we had with the neurologist, they have won my business in other areas.

I know this is an early call, but it makes me leery to move from this area. I knew we were in Spokane temporarily, but if Marcus had had a job there, I wouldn't want to leave. The therapy and services there was incredible for Sammy. The level of training by therapists in that area is quite honestly superb. I didn't know that Spokane was known for this when we found out that we were moving there -- but the more I heard, and then experienced for ourselves, made me very glad to have been placed in Spokane for that year. Now we are in the Bay Area, and we will be approaching the time when we'll have to "settle" down and find a real job. If we have the choice, do I want to uproot Sammy again like we had to in August? I don't know. I know there are other places that are great, or could be great for her, but we're close to starting up therapy again, we have a great neurologist, and possibly surrounded by phenomenal resources for her. It's hard to think of moving only because I want to buy a house sooner than we'd be able to here -- and it would be a much smaller one at that. Oh, I hate life decisions. Grrrr

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Bryant and April said...

You could always just move back to Spokane:) Wherever you guys end up, it will all work out though! I'm glad things are moving along for you there and Sammy is starting to get the help she needs! We miss you guys though, so we would be thrilled if you came back!


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