Saturday, January 23, 2010

Turning Two

Turning two means a lot of things. For one, you officially are no longer an infant...and with that comes a lot of added responsibility. On Callie's birthday, her Grammy took her to lunch and Toys R Us. Callie, being the new responsible little girl that she now is, chose an Elmo and a little stroller. She loves it. Not only is she pretty much obsessed with Elmo...has to sleep with him, feed him (which has proved to be messy), give him a bath (drying time for Elmo is much longer than it is for other babies I assure you)...but she loves taking him on walks. I love walking beside her as she pushes the stroller. What's even better is when she tells Elmo what he's passing. She'll point out the bushes, the flowers, big rocks, etc. It's really quite cute. That Callie -- she's sure going to be a great mommy one day.

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