Sunday, January 31, 2010

Callie's Favorites

I'm not one to tell you to have your kids watch a lot of tv. But we have gotten into a habit over here...when Callie and Sammy wake up, they get their cups of milk and some cereal and eat while watching some tv. I go to bed way later than I should and the tv is definitely more for gives me time to wake up. It's really horrible. I can justify it all I want. This is the only time they watch tv. But still. I feel really bad about it, but not bad enough to completely cut tv out of our mornings, because it really is nice to be able to gradually wake up. hmmm

So, Callie has her favorites. She really likes Caillou. I still don't get why she likes it so much...but she does.

Of course she's a huge fan of Monkey George. She actually loses a little interest during the show...usually she'll go off and play for a little bit...but she loves monkeys. So she's excited for a bit. If George actually spoke, I think it'd make a difference for her.

Then, there's Sid the Science Kid. It's a little over her head, but she loves the music. She sings and dances along to this little number that they do each episode.

And finally, nothing gets her more excited than Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! She LOVES this show. Again, I think it's because of the music, but she loves love loves Mickey and Goofy. At anytime during the day, if you say "Meeska, Mooska..." she'll yell "Mickey Mouse!" (These, of course, are the magic words in the show.) Or she'll yell "oooohhh Toooootles." It's really quite cute. If only I had started having her watch tv sooner in life...had I only started rotting her brain at an earlier age...then she would have enjoyed Disney World so much more! I will forever regret this.'s the theme song that gets her running into the room.

And...obviously we need to start slowing down on the tv watching.


Launi said...

i agree with you, i'm totally not an advocate of tons of tv for little kids...but sometimes it really just saves me. especially in the mornings, like you. and i'm sure i'll use it even more when baby #2 comes along. i feel bad sometimes, and then i remember watching "little mermaid" seriously three times in a row some days when i was little, and i realize i turned out ok. :) bad justification, i know, but is not evil. i think it can be a great thing as long as we make sure it's balanced with other activities as well!

Courtney said...

Bria watches movies (we don't have any tv channels), and I really don't feel bad about it. She doesn't watch all day or even every day, but sometimes it's just the thing I need in the morning (when I'm still waking up, like you), or when I need to take a shower, or when I'm cooking dinner. Bria's favorites are the Incredibles, Up, and Enchanted.

The Nelsons said...

Ahh, the slow morning wake up. I enjoy it. I've seen all those shows. We have netflix through our xbox and Caillou is on it so Greta can watch it whenever she wants. She loves it. She also loves Micky Mouse Clubhouse. :) We're TV watchers around here but I need to trim back! Some days we don't watch it all and some days it's all we do. Oh well. :)

Missy said...

I'm guilty of cereal and tv in the morning too, but I think as long as it's limited it's ok.
Plus some of the shows are more educational than others and they learn words or songs which is fun. I'm trying to be better about turning off the tv and getting them outside while it's still nice.


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