Friday, January 15, 2010

Love This

Isn't this so cute? A little Sammy and Callie. I love these the more I look at them. Not sure which one I like better for Callie. Maybe the second one 'cause I really like her outfit. But I like the big eyes in the first one, and her hair. But I love the little ringlet on the second one. Anyway. (It's not as if I can buy these now anyway.) I'm pretty sure Marcus would hate these, but I think they are darling (we don't share the same tastes) put in the girls' room. Love these. And they are reasonably priced. Check out her shop, Tollipop, on Etsy. You can even ask for a custom made one. If you want, say...a black girl and a white girl together in a picture. Sooo cute my friends. So cute.


Megan said...

Oh I love them, Jenny! Dan and I don't always agree, either. But he usually likes things once he sees them hung up. I love the second little chocolate girl with the ringlet. And the little red riding hood with the tiny wolf is aranyos!

rachel said...

I LOVE them too!


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