Tuesday, May 11, 2010


So, here's the thing. A girl needs her girls. It's just the way it is. You can love you husband to pieces. You can love your kids so much you want to eat them (though really, isn't that just kind of gross?). But, I have found that I need my girls. I don't need many, but I need some who I can laugh with and be crazy with...who I can just talk to. These two girls just happen to be some of my best girls. Reagan has her hands full with 3 kids (Adriel and the twins are only like...17 months apart?), husband finishing school -- now finished, moving, etc. Marci has her hands full with 2 kids and big time allergies with the one. You all know my story. We all needed a reason to take a break from our little families...so we did. And we met up. It was a short weekend, but it was amazing what it did. We all went home feeling rejuvenated. We ate, we ran, we slept in, we shopped, we laughed, and cried, and talked and talked and talked. I met them freshman year at BYU. That was over 10 years ago now. They are my buds. It was sad to leave them (yes I cried) but I was really excited to see Marcus and my little girls back at home.

Marse and Reggs, just know that I'll eat Thai food with you any day, anywhere...maybe in 2013.


Marci said...

Ahhhhhhh! Let's do it again THIS WEEKEND! :) That was such fun. I love you two girls. I loved the MASSIVE amount of eating we did (yum), the deals we found (your sunglasses?), the crazy hair things we did (dye & cut.. thanks stylists), the photos we took (why didn't you post one of you?!?!?) and the talking until... what was it... 2 am?

I MISS YOU! Lots 'o' love.
Love, Marse

PS - Why do I look terrified in that picture of you dying my hair? Maybe I was just terrified that the towel wouldn't quite cover and do its job... :)

lesley said...

I would pay big money to be at that partaayyyy.


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