Monday, May 10, 2010

Visiting Visalia

It's been awhile now since I really shared what's going on in our lives. I know our adoring fans (family) want to comes a slew of posts.

About a month ago, we took the family on a visit to the quaint little city of Visalia. Why? Because that's where Uncle Ted, Aunt Peggy, and Hunter, Jackson, and Brayden are. The weekend was so much fun, Callie couldn't handle it. She had to sleep like this (see below) on the way home.

We did some hanging upside down while we were there.

Holding babies.

Watching movies.

Chewing on cups.

And gettin' all cleaned up.

Fun was had by all, except Jenny whose fun was not as grand because, well, I got really sick and threw up. Not so much fun. I stayed in bed a lot. Too bad. We'll have to take the trip again.

Thanks Hauberts.
We love you!

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