Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye Little Honda

It's funny how a car takes on a personality. In our country, we rely on our cars daily and we expect them to work how we want. Our car always did work how we needed and wanted her to work. So, though this is dramatic, here is our final goodbye before we can move on...

You were a good car. We drove you away the day that Marcus and I got married. And you've been with us ever since. Together, we've been on a honeymoon, to the California coast, to Arches National Park, from Utah to Washington, Washington to California, and many places in between. What I'm most grateful for, however, is that you never failed us when it was most important...when we rushed Samantha to the hospital, you were always quick to start up and get us there. We took that trip many many times. Thanks for being a great car. And thanks for protecting me and my baby girl on that dreaded Monday morning -- the day you were taken from us.

The last gift you gave us was a great settlement. Though we knew how much you had given us, and in our minds you were worth a lot, but we were very pleased when the professionals thought you were worth that same amount...and more. We did take care of you. The new paint job, changing the oil and all other fluids right on tires. We thought our relationship would be longer, but it was a beautiful one for as long as it lasted.

I learned a lot from our time together. I discovered what's important to me in a vehicle...what I can live with, and what I can't live without. You made me the happiest driver on the road. We were an all around perfect match. But since I don't believe in a one and only, I'm sure another good automotive will come along again.

So, fare thee well little girl. Now go off and share your parts -- classified as in perfect condition -- with others.

What kills me the most about this last picture is you can see Samantha's window shade still hanging up. The firemen unplugged the battery before I could get it out. Now, when Callie asks where Mommy and Daddy's car is, she says "It's broken." So sad. Oh, but the good memories...

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yellow buttercups said...

What a neat and thankful post, Jenny!
Gratitude and appreciation are such beautiful characteristics.


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