Friday, May 21, 2010

New Blog

Ever feel like you have 1,000,000 things to do and NO time to do them all? Yeah, I feel that way right now...and with all the time I don't have, I started a new blog. I know I know. I do this to myself.

For a long time I've wanted to start a blog for Samantha -- her blog -- but more like my blog to her. I don't know. Anyway...I hesitated because I felt like it would be a problem...that Callie would later feel unloved because she doesn't have her own blog or something. I'm so conscious of trying to make things equal (because I know they aren't and won't be), that I'm afraid I'll make things worse. But being aware of that is a start, right? Back to my blog...
Reasons Why I Started It
#1 -- When we first found out about Samantha's diagnosis and prognosis, I searched the internet like crazy. I found a ton of pictures that were unpleasant, but I also found some blogs. Those, I appreciated. They were real, day to day life glimpses of my future with Sammy. I want to be that for someone if it can help.

#2 -- I have been writing letters to Samantha and Callie most every Sunday for the past -- while now. I'm not sure when I started. But I find that throughout the week I think of things and say to myself "I need to remember that for Sunday." I don't want to do that anymore, and pathetically, I'm more inclined to write it in a blog where there's a cute background than on a word document. hmmm Am I that vain?

#3 -- My friend, Maren, shared a blog she's been doing for her daughter with Rett Syndrome. It was exactly the blog I've been thinking about for years now, and it gave me the motivation and kickstart that I needed to just do it. So Maren, I really don't mean to copy -- please take it as a compliment that you are that inspiring and motivating to me.

And there are other reasons, but these are my top 3. So, if you come to our blog specifically to find out information about Samantha, you can check out my lil' samsquatch at her new location. Of course she'll be here always, but more in depth stuff is there.


mj said...

woot woot! you did it. i'm honored. :) can't wait to read all your updates. love that little sammy.

Laura said...

Such a good idea!


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